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Variable Rate comes down – first lender up to bat…


Merix Financial announced today that their 5 year variable rate mortgage will now be offered at prime plus .40%.  Most lenders still offer prime plus .60-.75%.  They are the first of any lender to offer this reduction.  This will now get you a rate of 2.65% (prime rate is currently 2.5%)


Merix Financials variable rate mortgage offers you the options to convert it to a fixed rate at any time and your guaranteed the best rate at the time of locking in!    Thats not something all lenders can brag about,  a few lenders dont offer the “best rate” at lock in so its important to talk to your mortgage broker about these details when considering a variable rate type product and when chosing your lender.

Once again, with rates like these if your considering refinancing a higher interest rate mortgage or want to consolidate some higher interest rate debt,  theres no time better than now!

Merix Financial offers an extensive line up of competivie mortgage products for both conventional and high ratio mortgages.   Along with competivie rates and mortgage terms they have 6 billion in assets under administration.

Merix Financial partners only with a select group of experienced originators and can only be accessed through an approved mortgage broker.

Merix Financial
Merix Financial


Finance/mortgage industry professional located in the Interior BC First Time Buyer Challenged Credit Second Mortgages Line of Credit Refinance Renewal Lets talk about your financing needs today! Great rates and Great Service!

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