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The Value Mortgage

Money Saving
Money Saving
Author - Lisa Alentejano
Author - Lisa Alentejano


MCAP recently launched a product called “The Value Mortgage”.   Along with this mortgage comes a  rate of 3.59% which is about a 1/4% lower than most 5 year fixed rates out there today.

Great rate yes BUT along with this rate there are some things MCAP had to remove to give you such a great rate.  Keep in mind when considering these types of  “bare bones” or “no frills” type of mortgages that they offer a great rate but at a price.  Here is a list of their criteria;

  • there are no lump sum payment options available to you, but you can still access accelerated payments and they allow you to increase your mortgage payments up to 10% per year.
  • it is a fully closed mortgage for the full 5 years,  no refinancing option, only way to break the mortgage is if you have a firm sale of your property in which the product then become portable.
  • With a port and increase, instead of a blended rate which is normally the case with ,  MCAP allows their second line of credit at best rates.

Here are some of the lending criteria that we have to consider when placing clients in this type of mortgage;

  • No preapprovals available
  • For purchases and refinances only (no transfers from other FI available)
  • Term is for 5 years
  • Rate hold for 30 days
  • Owner occupied properties only, no rentals or secondary homes allowed
  • Maximum LTV is 95%
  • Maximum GDS– 32% TDS – 42%
  • Qualifying rate used is 3.59%
  • Income qualified only (no stated income available)
  • Penalty consists of the greater of 3 months interest or IRD (interest rate differential)

This type of mortgage is becoming more and more popular if your just looking to lock into a great rate.  It can be worth while in certain circumstances and certainly doesnt hurt to take a look at. 

MCAP is Canada’s largest independent mortgage and equipment financing company, with more than $30 billion in assets under administration. Operating in four key lines of business: residential mortgages, commercial mortgages, construction loans, and equipment financing, the company generates combined annual new asset production of over $10 billion.

MCAP Mortgage Corporation is only accessed through approved mortgage consultants.



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